Action planning is at the heart of the Climate Collaboratory’s community-wide climate conversation-to-action program. That’s the way we grow Seed Ideas from vision to reality in the Gardens of Global Unity, where all things are possible.

These are some recommended tools for creating your action plans. To make the strongest plan, be sure to consider the diversity of generations and cultures on your team. Begin your process by identifying and inviting everyone who will be affected by any decisions made.

  • Simple formula recommended for children, useful for any age.
    • Identify the problem
    • Talk about feelings and needs
    • Brainstorm possible solutions
    • Agree on a solution
    • Carry it out
    • Reflect, revise, repeat
  • Action planning for upper elementary and middle school.

How to Develop an Action Plan – Young Voices for the Planet

Peace First – Action planning for ages 13-25 with digital mentors and mini-grants