Flash!Back 2016 – Global Warming Express Birthday Party

"Tell us a Flash!Back, Great-Gramma Sage," said Ginnie. Sage, who was 103, loved to tell stories about the early days of the Great Turning. She smiled at her great-grandchildren, and asked, "How far back do you want to go?" Annabeth, who had just turned nine, said,...

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A Treasure Hunt for Amila and Reef

by Gramma Sue Gramma Sue says … I have something special for you And it’s hidden away I’ve been saving it  For a rainy day. It may not be raining, But just the same This day is unusual enough For a new game. So put on your sleuth hats (you might need to make one)...

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I Do Not Love You

by Ave Kim The world is like an ugly dirty thing Filled with smears and colors. I do not love you, and i do not love you I do not understand you because i don't want to understand you I do not care about your pain I do not know your suffering I do not know who you are...

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Abba in Nigeria invites youth to support International Children’s Month in June 2020.    internationalchildren.world