Our Earth — it’s changing! We must do our part and give back to the planet. Quick, it’s a race against time. We can win — and we must! There is always something we can do. Pacha has a Seed Idea!

We know the world we want to see, with healthy plants and animals, clean air and water, and happy people. We’re bringing our Seed Ideas to the Gardens of Global Unity.

What can WE can do together that we can’t do on our own? In September we will see what kids are doing to make a world that works for all. Join us for some fun with Pacha and her friends!

Do the Coronavirus Connected Dance — and join the global celebration of Peace Weekend and the International Day of Peace!
Send an Urgent Message from Your Children to the adults who can make the change we want to see in the world!
See how kids are making a difference in their own communities and make action plans with Young Voices for the Planet
Love the Miracle with International Children’s World.

WHO wants to be a Climate Collaborator? WE want to help children grow your own Seed Ideas from vision to reality in the Gardens of Global Unity.
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REGISTER NOW. Children 12 and under must register with an adult partner.

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