The canine of Kindness Kaylee and Miss Kindness will be in Solvang Park for the closing ceremony of Danish Days. Kaylee is the Solvang Greeting Pup!


Canine of Kindness

Beginning Sept. 21st every day at Noon EST. FACEBOOK LIVE 

Brought to you by Pathways To Peace in collaboration with LiveaMoment, WE, Sine Network and 1 Million Meditators.
Join the Global Pause for our collective Peace Wave, EVERYDAY @ NOON EST Sept 11th – Sept 21st as we celebrate the 11 Days of Unity and the 20th anniversary of the Declaration of the Culture of Peace!

Pathways To Peace and LiveaMoment’s Deborah Greene, “The Peace Traveler”, have begun a daily program to pause and reflect through the International Day of Peace and BEYOND, committed to creating PEACE WAVES AROUND THE WORLD.

What if it was a cultural norm to pause at noon? That is our work and just the beginning. Onward sweet people…

Each GLOBAL PAUSE will include (5-8 Minutes)
– Reflection on 11 Days of Unity daily themes
-“Everyday Wisdom” Excerpt from the hundreds of Interviews we’ve collected traveling around the globe.
– Short Meditation to bring us all into alignment.

“Because sometimes… all you need is a moment.

May you find a deeper peace. And then, may you bring your peace to the world.”-dg