Well, hopefully, there is no end – although one wonders.  But, the idea here is unity – not necessarily unity of everyone thinking the same good thing and doing the same good thing at the same good time…although that idea is a pleasant one…yet unpractical.

Watching the world coming together and protesting for change after so many deaths of Black individuals at the hands of unscrupulous police officers has been amazing.  Chanting together – “Black Lives Matter,” and, “I Can’t Breathe,” – has magnified the reality of dis-unity…and this amplified loudness is being heard finally.

What a miracle it would be if this obvious example of unity – a combined expression on a global level – would actually result in a collective good outcome for those who are uniformly oppressed.  As MLK said in his famous speech, “I have a dream.”  And, so do I – may it be so.

Jana Larsen

June 12, 2020