Dear Susan, we are still waiting for this…but, Susan, thanks for all you did to help women in your time.  You received some recognition on a coin, so that’s quite an accomplishment.  While you’re not a household name, you are still pretty popular among ‘liberated’ women, so your efforts were not in vain.

Susan, it’s 2020 and we have yet to have a woman in the White House as President; but we are hopeful we’ll have a woman on the ticket for Vice President for the Democrats.  We women have been able to vote for a little over 100 years now thanks to you and your cohorts.  

We can be in the military and we can be doctors and we can be senators, so that’s a good thing.  But, in America, the idea of a woman as president is just so baffling – even though there are women at the helm in other developed countries.  I guess one of the concerns is that monthly thing and the big button we might push – you know what I’m saying?  Because, as you know, men are always just so rational and calm – men would never let emotions control them.

And, Susan, we are having a pandemic again – that’s right!  It’s been about 100 years since the Spanish Flu – our current leader is calling it the Chinese Flu. It’s really quite scary, especially because the ‘spread-ability’ of it is so immense compared to your time.  I’m not sure that we are anywhere ahead of how leaders in your time would have handled it.

So, Susan, I just wanted to really thank you for what you did and what you all started.  I wish that I could let you know that we have evolved fantastically in how women are viewed and treated around the world.  Yes, many things are much better – but, seriously – if you could somehow put a few positive ideas in some heads from your ethereal position, I and women everywhere would really appreciate it!

Your admirer,