by Gramma Sue

Gramma Sue says …

I have something special for you

And it’s hidden away

I’ve been saving it 

For a rainy day.

It may not be raining,

But just the same

This day is unusual enough

For a new game.

So put on your sleuth hats

(you might need to make one)

And follow these clues.

Each one can take one.

You’ll start in the kitchen

But don’t look too hard

You won’t find it there

And it’s not in the yard.

So go in the living room

And pretend you’ve got armor

You’re not there yet

But you’re getting warmer

You’ll have to go down

And down once again

You’re getting so close

Take a deep breath and then

Who’s first?  

Please decide

And then the first one

Will find someplace where you would hide

If you were little

And square and blue

And loved things that grow

Right in front of you.

When you find it, Who’s next?

Proceed to the window, 

Turn left but whatever you do

Don’t go in to see Gramma Sue

Just look to your left

Now down and then

Behind the cushion

See it?  If need be, look again.

Whose turn is it now?

Just imagine Reef

Playing rhythms on these

For a joyful noise, I do believe

Who goes next?

I hope you’re able

To find the last one

Hidden in a table.

Now make something special

It has to be tiny.

Could be something slimy

Or creepy or spiney

Or loving and kind

Like something from Nature

With primary colors.

(It can’t be a glacier.)

Hope you’ve had fun

Finding these treasures

Seeing what you make of them

Is this grandmother’s pleasure!

NOTE: Amila and Reef found little blocks of colored clay. They made them into people and trees and flowers. I have those pictures here somewhere …