The Climate Collaboratory is a pilot project of We, the World and the University of Florida Extension. We facilitate a community-wide climate conversation-to-action program. We begin our collaborative storytelling adventure by collecting true stories about real people. The elders have experiences to share. The youth have questions — and dreams.

Adrian Alvarez Earth

Adrian says,
Today I want you to imagine all those places you have visited during your life, all the beaches, mountains, and forests. Well, those places are going to be gone or change in the future, if we do not stop CLIMATE CHANGE. Thankfully, we have a great man in our society named Jim Graywolf Petruzzi who works every day to stop this from happening. Join us in this interview and I hope you realize that it is our time to change and that we got this!

Sue says,
My friend John X Linnehan was pleased when his great-nephew asked to interview him and his wife, Martina. They had quite a story to tell about their many years working for nuclear disarmament and peace for people and planet. Adrian Edwards produced this digital storytelling video for his high school class.

In 2014, I worked with sixth graders in the FutureFlash! Climate Challenge Making the Game Club. Here’s how we did those interviews — 30 second clips.

Cody at PK Yonge School

QUESTIONS for the Roving Reporters

We’re collecting questions that might be useful to Roving Reporters as they prepare for interviews. Please add to our list! You can leave your suggestions right on this document.

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52 QUESTIONS for Elders Climate Actioneers

Several years ago, my daughters gave me a year-long subscription to Storyworth. Each week I would receive a question that took me back through time to my own childhood or my children’s early years. If the question didn’t resonate, I could choose another or make up my own. I would write a little story and submit it to Storyworth. It would automatically go to each of my daughters, who sometimes responded. It was a wonderful way to reconnect to my own roots, and gain some insights from the perspective of the elder, and record them for my grandchildren. At the end of the year, I added pictures for most of the stories. My daughters and I each have our own hardback copy of “Gramma Sue’s Stories.” I like to think that my grandchildren will one day share that with their own children.

I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have 52 questions for elder climate activists. So I’ve started a list. Please add to it! You can leave your suggestions right on this document.
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Sherie says,

My name is Sherie Stark, and I’m making a video inviting people to record themselves answering whichever of our questions they want to answer. You can make a selfie, record audio and/or video of yourself answering these questions with your phone, Ipad or computer camera. Just answer whichever questions you want, and upload the recording to us and we’ll share it as widely as we can to make your voice heard! You can make a difference, be an influencer, be heard! If you’re under 16 years of age, make sure to ask your parent or guardian to sign their permission to be included in our show, or ask us and we’ll send them a permission release after we’ve edited your submission into our show!


I once took an online course from StoryCenter. Each of the participants selected a moment in our lives that influenced what we are doing today. I chose the first time I saw the Earth from space, a small blue marble with no borders, no boundaries. It put me on a path as an environmental activist that led me to teaching peace with people and planet. I sang children’s songs, and did projects through the creative and performing arts with elementary school students and community members. I wrote that up as a script, and collected photos to illustrate it. The instructors showed us how to turn the narrative and images into a short video. Magical! As with so many things, I never did finish that project, but it profoundly influenced my work today.

I asked the StoryCenter people what it would take to do that same workshop with a larger number of people for the Climate Collaboratory. These are two workshop proposals for the Climate Collaboratory. Let me know if you’d like to discuss possibilities for your organization.