Gardens of Disarmament

Reflections on the Wisdom of the Ages

From the Global Co Lab’s Hunger Hub – News clip of the community garden


by Reef Saidi, age 8 Love is our weapon and we are armed to the teeth Cause military weapons do not bring peace We must stand up and show who we are or we will seem to be stuck like a lion in tar How was the earth…

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TRENDS in Grassroots Global Organizing WE, The World and The WE Campaign is excited to announce the release of the March – May 2022 issue of TRENDS in Global Grassroots Organizing.  TRENDS is a quarterly e-magazine dedicated to portraying the dynamic work being performed around the world by…

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After MLK’s World House

“This is the great new problem of mankind:  We have inherited a big house, a great World House, in which we have to live together — Black and White, Easterners and Westerners, Gentiles and Jews, Catholics and Protestants, Muslim and Hindu — a family unduly…

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Nuclear Weapons and the Environment. An interview with activist John X Linnehan