This quote has it all – conscience, character, humanity, etc.  And, it is certainly thought-provoking when lack thereof appears to exist in one single leader and his cabinet.  Of course, I refer to our sad and confusing situation in Washington, DC.

How did we get here?  I don’t know when I think that there were never ever really good times without suffering and danger and hunger and some sort of unrest occurring somewhere in the world or even local communities.  But, geez – this American Experiment is in serious trouble!

I compare current events happening everywhere to a – well, crime drama/thriller/horror movie I might see on Netflix.  I’ve even thought about who would play the characters – who would play the President??  It would have to be an actor who can play the evil villain role well – I have some ideas but I probably shouldn’t mention them.

Fortunately, there ARE heroes coming forth and emerging as true leaders  – I wish I could fast-forward to the end and see who ends up winning ‘the battle of good and evil.’  I’ll need lots of popcorn.

Jana Larsen

June 13, 2020