In the year 2050, Great-Gramma Sage remembers the early days of the Earth Charter Century.

The Sage in Sue Blythe has stories to tell about significant moments in her life journey.

1992 – Peace Camp
In the year of the first Earth Summit, high school students from all over Florida came to Peace Camp where they learned to take action on the social and environmental challenges of our time.  On the last day, they presented a show for their families.

2000 – EarthQuest
In the year of the launch of the Earth Charter, a traveling exhibit called “EarthQuest: The Challenge Begins” came to the Florida Museum of Natural History.  Fourth graders walked through the gaping mouth of Toxicus, the Garbage Monster and found themselves in a life-sized video game, where they have to conserve water, and energy, and zap recyclables out of the trash heap.

2011-12 – FutureFlash! Project
Middle and high-school kids learned about the Earth Charter, made action plans and carried them out.  They made new action plans for their own life journey.  At the first FutureFlash! Show, the audience voted on the Transformational Idea Most Likely to Change the World.

2014 – FutureFlash! Climate Challenge
Sixth graders in the FutureFlash! Making the Game Club created Climate Crisis Jeopardy and invited people in their community to play the FutureFlash! Climate Challenge.

2019 – Climate Action for Peace
The theme for the International Day of Peace was “Climate Action for Peace” — and the United Nations Association of Gainesville hosted a youth panel of climate activists for UN Day — and the Climate Collaboratory was established as a pilot project of We, the World and the University of Florida Extension — and the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice hosted an intergenerational climate dialog.

2020 – Earth Charter +20 
On the Global Call for the 20th Anniversary of the Earth Charter, the Alvarez family made a case for including the children of the world in action plans for a thriving Earth.

2021 –  Blueprint for a World House 
At UN Day in Gainesville, the Alvarez family invited Alachua County to use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a Blueprint for Martin Luther King’s World House.

2022 – Climate Collaboratory! The Musical
Youth and Elders at Star Center Theatre created a series of trailers for “Climate Collaboratory! The Musical” to engage Alachua County in a demonstration of the community-wide climate conversation-to-action program.

2023 – Global NatureFest
At the Global NatureFest at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, 100 local organizations tell their own stories with a call to action — and young people take the lead in making action plans for a sustainable, just and peaceful future — and get more people involved with the World House Games Show.

2025 – The Florida Climate Collaboratory
The Florida Museum’s “Climate Collaboratory” exhibit and musical play connect children and youth in all parts of Florida with TreeTenders in other parts of the world — and the Environmental Ambassadors tell stories about action plans in their own part of the world.

2030 – Big Win of the Global Goals
The human family exceeds the targets of all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

2050 – Global Celebration of Earth Charter +50
The Earth’s temperature is coming back down.  The Tree of Life is regenerating.  

2100 – Celebration of Earth Charter +100