Welcome to the Climate Collaboratory!


On the Road to 2030, 2050, and Beyond

Every generation has a story to tell. In the early years of the 21st century, we’re living the story that future generations will tell their grandchildren. Let’s make it a good one!

In our collaborative storytelling adventure, storybook characters and real people explore our human family’s past, present, and imagined future.

What’s YOUR climate story? You are part of the next chapter in the story of Life on Earth, our home.

We really can reverse global warming by 2050 if we get busy now!  Take individual daily actions to draw down CO2, October 1-31. Let’s play the Drawdown Ecochallenge

The Interfaith Climate Group is Building Community in a Changing Climate, bringing children of all ages into a collaborative storytelling adventure. We’re learning to create peace on and with the Earth!

Share Words of Wisdom from your faith tradition for our monthly Devotional and Climate Conversation.


Faith-based organizations are the heart and soul of Alachua County’s Climate Story. Ask how you can participate.

The Interfaith Climate Group provides a spiritual foundation for the Climate Conversation in Action. We use the Earth Charter and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to promote the unity of thought and action, sharing tools and resources from different spiritual traditions for addressing the social and environmental challenges of our time. Join our faith-based climate conversation on the last Sunday of each month.
Learn about the Interfaith Climate Group here.

Our Climate Collaborators

Alachua County, Florida is our demonstration site for the community-wide climate conversation-to-action program. These are some of our current partners. Each brings its own unique gifts to the climate conversation.

A pilot project of We, the World
and the Interfaith Climate Group

University of Florida Extension

Sustainable Floridians


MLK Commission of Florida

Star Center Theatre

Interfaith Climate Group 

Sister Cities of Gainesville 

River Phoenix Center
for Peacebulding
  • Our Global Networks of Support provide tools and resources for Seed Ideas in the Gardens of Global Unity, where all things are possible.

We, the World

Elders Climate Action / Florida

Empatharian Movement
for Peace

Speaking Green

For more information contact Sue Blythe <sueblythe@brielle