Welcome to the Climate Collaboratory!

On the Road to 2030, 2050, and Beyond, our human family is learning to cooperate, collaborate, and co-create peace on and with the Earth.

Join our collaborative storytelling adventure to empower young people, and those who care about their future, to make the change they want to see in the world.

In Alachua County, Florida, we are telling our “Bicentennial Climate Story,” looking back on 200 years of social and environmental changes. These are some highlights:

  • 1824 – Before the Civil War, the land, air, and soil were pristine and unspoiled. Enslavement was a way of life.
  • 1924 – In the Roaring Twenties, fossil fuels made transportation and electricity possible. Two new high schools were built: Gainesville High School for whites, and Lincoln High School for Blacks. They each have a story to tell.
  • 2024 – The causes and effects of climate change are clear. At the Second Annual Alachua County Climate Fair young people present “Alachua County’s Bicentennial Climate Story” through the performing, visual, and literary arts.
The Writers Alliance of Gainesville Postcard Project brings moments in our history to life. Read More
The Interfaith Climate Group’s Building Community in a Changing Climate provides a spiritual foundation for a county-wide climate conversation in action. Read More
The Environmental Protection Department presents the county’s Climate Action Plan, launching the 2024-25 community engagement program. People of all ages help to envision the world they want to see in 200 years. Read More
The Matheson History Museum invites all ages to submit creative artwork for an online exhibition in December 2024. Read More

In our collaborative storytelling adventure, fictional characters and real people help to tell the story of life on Earth.

What’s YOUR climate story? You are part of the next chapter in the story of Life on Earth, our home.

We need to win the Global Goals by 2030. There are 17 Global Goals and many positive actions you can take. So which ones should you focus on? Here’s a quiz to help you decide. Through it, you’ll discover three Global Goals you feel most aligned with and three things you can start doing today to make a difference. Scroll down to see specific actions for each Goal.

We really can reverse global warming by 2050 if we get busy now!  Take individual daily actions with your team to draw down CO2 in a game-based environment.


Alachua County, FL Emergency Management needs help in creating a county-wide faith-based network of support to prepare for the climate emergencies to come — hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and extreme heat.

Our Climate Collaborators

Alachua County, Florida is our community-wide climate conversation-in-action program demonstration site. Our Global Networks of Support provide tools and resources for collaboration.

For more information contact Sue Blythe <sueblythe@we.net>