Gardens of Environment

Reflections on the Wisdom of the Ages

Who wants to join Tomorrow’s Dreamers?

Most people on this planet have a dream of the world they want to live in, one that works for all. Imagine a world that works for all.  What would be different?  What would you want to see?Show that in some way — a story, a poem, a drawing or painting, photo or…

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Climate Toolkit

Elders Climate Action hosts a workshop series to build your skills as an effective advocate by engaging others in telling their own climate stories, taking those stories to leaders of thought, and influencing decision-makers without leaving your desk. The Power of Our…

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A Call for Climate Literacy

To Tomorrow’s Dreamers Today I got a message (below) from Kathleen Rogers, President of She underscores the urgent need for climate literacy. Let’s build the EarthFlash! Climate Literacy Library with best tools and resources for the EarthFlash! Games and…

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Forum Dance Initiative presents “Cycle” in the Garden of Unity at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, Gainesville Florida. Choreographed by Whitney Wilson, Dancer in Residence at UFHealth’s Arts in Medicine.

An Urgent Message from Your Children

PEACE FIRST SCHOLARSHIPS Funds available to take a course and complete a project.

Earth Charter International’s ONLINE YOUTH LEADERSHIP TRAINING, ages 18-30, October 7 – December 13.

Global Unity Games – Missions of Compassion from the 11 Gardens of Global Unity.

SCENE:  Gardens of Environment

SYNOPSIS: Sage, Pacha and the Climate Collaborators establish the CLIMATE COLLABORATORY in Florida

WHO will help us sow and grow Climate Action for Peace?

  • Climate Collaborators
  • Sponsors
  • Donors
  • Volunteers

WHAT – Sustainable World Games

  • Expressions through the Arts
  • Sing for the Climate
  • Youth / Elder Climate Conversation
  • 4-H Curriculum / Sustainable Floridians
  • 100 Day Countdown for the International Day of Peace


  • “Make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.”   – Buckminster Fuller


  • Collaborative Storytelling Adventure on the Road to 2050 and Beyond
  • Climate Collaboratory – creative solutions for a livable Earth
    • Available Resources, such as
      • An Urgent Message from Your Children
      • Generation Waking Up
      • Awakening the Dreamer
      • Elders Climate Action
    • Grants Central Station
      • Hackathons
      • MightyCause Collaborative Crowdfunding
    • Global Gifting


  • 2020
    • Earth Day +50
    • UN +75
    • Earth Charter +20
  • 2030
    • Global Goals
  • 2050
    • Drawdown
    • Earth Charter +50


  • PILOT Phase 1 – Selected Florida counties
  • PILOT Phase 2 – Selected US states and countries
  • PILOT Phase 3 – Spaceship Earth