This is a perfect quote for The Garden of Freedom!  And, in my imagination, there would be a great many plants – those that flower and those that provide ground cover – such as ivys and such. And, it would be lush and attractive to bees and butterflies and hummingbirds – and the deer wouldn’t eat the plants, no matter how good they tasted.  And, the feral cats wouldn’t do their business in the garden.

Such a garden would need lots of care and water and times of shade and sunshine – and one would need to take care to  pull up noxious weeds that threaten the good growth of the flowers.   And the soil would be nutrient-rich to assist the roots – the part you can’t see – but that is necessary for what is seen above ground.

And, everyone would love to come to the garden because it appealed to the senses of sight and sound and smell.  And all would be beautiful and reflective of the care needed to preserve the garden and the garden’s need to flourish – and the freedom to do so.

Jana Larsen

June 14, 2020