Throughout the ages, people in every part of the world have dreamed of a time of peace on Earth. These are some of their stories.

To the Secret Agents of Compassion, cleverly disguised as ROVING REPORTERS for the EarthFlash! Printernet Gazette.

It’s time to play the EarthFlash! Treasure Hunt!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to interview someone who will tell you the prophecies from their cultural tradition. Include Expressions through the Arts (essays, poetry, books, music, movies) about the time of peace as told in that tradition. Submit your artwork at Together We Will Dream On Challenge.

  • Indigenous
  • Hindu prophecy
  • Jewish
  • Buddhist
  • Christian
  • Muslim
  • Baha’i

Now we know that peace on Earth also means peace with the Earth. These are some climate statements from the world’s religions, from the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology.

Illuminating the World House – each of the world’s wisdom traditions has its own prophecies, expressed through the arts through the ages.

  • Baha’i

Let All Associate – by New Creation
The Promise of World Peace – by Mary Davis